Dog Daycare Ottawa

Dogs are not introverted – they much prefer the company of others over spending time alone! Our dog daycare services are ideal if your dog needs some care and attention while you’re at work or away for the day.

You can rely on the experienced team at Bekkers Pet Care to make sure your dog gets the attention and exercise they crave.

Our Dog Daycare services include:

  • Lots of outdoor time (in a large, safe and secure, fenced-in area) with dogs of the same temperament;
  • Our caregivers ensuring that your dog spends time with dogs of the same personality type so that everyone has a great time socializing;
  • Fresh water all day long, treats throughout the day, and regular bathroom breaks;
  • Radiant floor heating when necessary and air conditioning during the summer months;
  • Peace-of-mind that your dog is having a fun, social day and that you don’t need to worry about their well-being.

Doggie daycare can be great for dogs of all ages, and especially for those that fall into one of these categories:

  • Recently spayed or neutered puppies
  • Particularly high-energy dogs
  • Dogs that need to become more social.

If your furry buddy loves outdoor parks, they’ll love Bekkers’ daycare. Your dog will thank you!