What vaccines do you require for a dog to enter your facility?

We require your dog be vaccinated for Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. Vaccines must be administered a minimum of 10 days prior to boarding.

What should I bring for my dog?

All of our guests are required to bring their own food. If you would like to bring treats along as well that is completely fine. Please do not bring any dishes with your pet unless they eat out of a slow feeding bowl. If your dog requires a raised feeding stand, you are welcome to bring it along. If you decide to bring toys/mementos for your pooch, please don’t bring favourite items or anything they cannot do without in the event it accidentally gets misplaced or broken.

Do you provide bedding?

We have many different types of bedding from raised beds to fleece blankets. We ask that if you bring something from home that it is labelled and replaceable. If you would like to bring a large bed for your dog, we ask that it has a removable cover, and that you cover the inside cushion with a garbage bag and seal it with duct tape. We wash a lot of bedding during the day and cannot wash the large cushions.

How old must my dog be to board with you?

After your pooch is fully up to date on all required vaccines they can be accepted for boarding. However, puppies under the age of 6 months we do not recommend boarding for longer than a few days at a time.

Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered to board?

We ask that your pet be spayed/neutered before boarding if they are over the age of 12 months. This requirement is subject to circumstance and unneutered males who are younger than 12 months may be asked to come for a trial run before being accepted for boarding. Females who have had their first heat but are not yet spayed will not be accepted for boarding.

I have never boarded my dog before and I am uncertain how he/she will adjust. What should I do?

Most dogs adjust very easily to boarding at our facility, especially if they are social. We always recommend a trial run (either daycare or 1 night boarding) to see how your pooch will adjust for the first time. If your dog has severe issues with separation anxiety, please contact us before requesting a booking.

Do you accept dogs that are not social?

All of the dogs who come into our care must be able to participate in off-leash social time with dogs of similar size. We rely on a great deal of social time to keep your pooch active, happy, and entertained. If your dog is a bit shy, we will be happy to work with them to help overcome these challenges. Any dogs with aggression issues towards other dogs or people will not be eligible for boarding. We always recommend a trial run (either daycare or 1 night boarding) if you are looking to board your dog for an extended stay and they are not used to the boarding environment.

How large are your dog suites?

Our kennels are sized 4’ x 5’, 5’ x 5’, and 6’ x 5’. Each dog will also have hourly access to their own 12-foot outdoor run. We do a full clean of our kennels twice daily.

Are your play yards secure?

Very. The walls of our play yards which separate the dogs from the outside world are 8 feet high and extend one foot underground. They are covered in metal siding and cannot be climbed. If you have a pooch you feel can dig under or jump over these walls, please advise us before booking.


How often do you feed the animals in your care?

We feed the animals in our care in the morning and late afternoon/evening.

Am I Required to bring my pet’s food?


Can you accommodate food that needs refrigeration (e.g. canned food or raw food)?

We can accommodate food that requires refrigeration for an extra fee. Please make sure meals are packaged in individual, food storage bags (i.e. no plastic or Tupperware containers). Unfortunately, we can no longer accommodate raw food. If you have any questions regarding a special diet for your dog, please email us before booking.

We give our dog a supplement with his meal. Is this possible when boarding?

We are happy to add supplements, treats, canned food, etc. to your dog’s meal. Please make sure you add the instructions to your online booking and inform us upon drop off. Please label whatever you bring with you.

Can you accommodate boarding two dogs together who eat different food?

If your dogs are great eaters, we will ensure each pooch gets their correct food. However, if they do not eat their food in one sitting, we may require you to book separate kennels especially if the dogs need their food to be left out for extended periods of time. If you have any questions about how to make your dog(s) feeding easier, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


What types of medication do you administer?

For a small fee, we will administer medications such as pills, eye/ear drops, topical creams, special shampoo, and powdered supplements/vitamins/oils which need to be added to food. We will also administer liquid oral medications by syringe.

Do you administer insulin injections?

Unfortunately, we do not administer insulin injections for dogs or cats.