“Checkers loves coming to camp at Bekkers. We can’t keep him away! Thanks to the Bekkers family for all the love!”

Owner: Steve


“Our dog just loves his Pals (Human and Canine) at Bekkers. The excitement when he arrives is amazing! It’s his second home now. Thanks Everyone!”

Owner: Ed


“Bekkers has become a second home to our Airedale “George”. We are so grateful for the care & love George has received at Bekkers. He is so happy to go everyday (Mon -Fri) to doggie daycare and play with his friends. George came to us in Jan 2012 at about 1 year old. He was anxious and definitely had trust issues. He quickly attached to my Husband, Mike, and no one else. An opportunity came up for us in August 2012 to travel to Italy. I didn’t think we could go because of George. We couldn’t trust him with anyone because he might run away, etc. We had friends who highly recommended Bekkers. So before we decided to buy our tickets we tested George out at the Bekkers facility. What happened next is amazing. George had transformed into a more confidant dog. He absolutely loved going there, and that changed everything. We were able to go on an amazing vacation, and we knew that George was being taken care of, and most importantly, he was Happy! When we returned from our trip in early September 2012 we both decided that George was a happier, more balanced dog with his daily trip to Bekkers. We have continued to bring him there from Monday to Friday. The staff at Bekkers obviously loves animals and that is why we bring our dog there. Our George is a happier guy because of this place! Thank you guys so much!”

Owners: Elena and Mike Wharton


“We send our dog Joon to Doggy-daycare twice a week, and she has really enjoyed every moment of it. My wife is a cat lover, and she noticed right away the cleanliness of the cat facilities and that all of the cats had a great place to stay, as she has had experience with boarding her cat before. The staff at Bekkers are knowledgeable, friendly and obviously animal lovers, and from our experience, they try to make every animal happy, safe, and secure while they are in their care. The facilities there are always sparkling clean, and the staff take lots of care ensuring the dogs are walked and played as much as possible. Joon loves going there, and has a wonderful time playing with all her friends. We believe Joon is a happier, healthier, and more socialized dog from her time there, and we highly recommend Bekkers to all dog and cat lovers.”

Owners: Karen and Mike


“I have been bringing Turco and Pesca, our 2 Portuguese Water Dogs to Bekkers for 2 years for long term, short term, and doggie day camp. Anytime I say the word “Bekkers”, they wag their tails in sheer delight and howl non -stop, so we cannot say that word until we are ready to leave! When they return home, they are tuckered out and very happy dogs. I feel so comfortable having Bekker’s as my trusted pet care. Even when we are away on a trip, they send me pictures and updates to tell me how they are, so I always rest assured knowing that they are having a great vacation too!! Thanks Bekkers for treating my dogs like your own!!”

Owner: Nilgun Gumus


“We have been customers of Bekkers Pet Care for over 6 years. Kevin and his staff have provided excellent care to our terrier , Chloe , and she always is enthusiastic as we turn into Bekkers parking lot. Andrew greets all with courtesy and pays attention to the individual concerns for all of the owners and their pets. The staff are keen to help with the pet and belongings on both arrival and departure , which is most helpful with our boisterous puppy. On a more practical but important note , we were reassured to see a generator available to ensure the safety and comfort of their boarders on all weather situations. Kevin and his team deserve a huge pat on the back.”

Owner: Heather and Mike Duffy